Janathon day 23 : The return of the track

8 days left of Janathon 2013! And amazing to think that 31 days into a brand new year an activity a day could make such a difference both mentally and physically! I feel fantastic apart from one little niggle that’s really pissing me off: I’m 9 days behind on my blog! Now im new to the concept of Janathon/Junethon but here’s my proposal…

Instead of trying to retrace the lost days of blogging that were quite honestly more of a mixture of swimming and gym work due to the snow I am proposing to carry on my Janathon into Febuary by 9 days. Who knows this may even carry on into deep Feb. Sometimes blogging seems to be the hardest words, even my boss at work had a cheeky word to say on my output yesterday!

I know this isnt strictly cricket in the world of Janathon but it will be good practice for Junethon!!!

Thank you HMV administrators for doing the decent thing and allowing anyone with a gift card to be able to redeem it as of yesterday morning, namely my son who had £60 worth of vouchers and at one point last week I thought I was going to have to ‘buy’ them off him to keep the peace! I’m still not happy about him wanting to purchase Sam fox strip poker for the ps3 but we’ve all got to start somewhere.(used to love that game on the Spectrum 48k pixellated boobies anyone??)

Ok I’m off to the gym as it’s still slippy on the paths in Hitchin not to mention pitch black. I look forward to updating with a picture of an ultra fast 5km in the morning before embarking on a journey to London for a 2 day masterclass workshop with the amazing http://www.wearesevenhills.com/ featuring the superb Micheal Hayman!!!



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