Cantina Carnitas: The best burritos this side of Mos Eisley.

Cantina Carnitas is ‘the canteen of little meats’ created by Matt Bean and long time eating partner Jeff Pridmore. After getting fed up of not getting a decent burrito this side of East London and fuelled by the explosion of street food in the UK they decided to get involved ourselves.Cantina have been trading since July 2011 on Farmers Markets and undertaking private bookings in Hertfordshire and festivals in North London. The ethos is ‘Geurilla Foodfare’ where they like to pop up at different locations for short trading runs. The Cantina Carnitas menu is one of Traditional Mexican street food, burritos and tacos filled with slow cooked meats and tasty treats- five hour slow cooked pork shoulder with chorizo, chicken breast with chipotle paste and apple cider vinegar, slow cooked braising steak with fresh chilli, all served with fresh salsas, guacamoles, beans, rices and of course the homemade chilli sauces to warm the palate as well as the soul. The Cantina difference is that as well as offering tradition Mexican food the menu covers a world flavour feel with flatbreads and wraps from across the globe- Jamaican inspired jerk chicken, American Philly steak melts, Indian ‘Chappuritos’ chapattis filled with aromatic vegetable curries. They have also been know to sling a dangerous chilli cheese dog into a wrap. All hot sauces are made by Jeff Cantina and include:

Green goblin


Smoked Naga

Chilli barbecue
Scotch bonnet

W: http://www.cantincarnitas.com (were working on it!)

Cantina Carnitas:Traditional burritos for modern living


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