Janathon Day 13 : Sundae Surprise

Sunday January 13th and were as good as halfway through the longest month of the year, or at least i think its the longest month financially. I cant tell because my legs ache so much. Actually im lying a little bit ive fallen into lazy miles. Today is my mothers surprise 60th birthday party and we have over 30 family members and friends from all over the UK congregrating at a quality pub called The Highlander on tilehouse Street in Hitchin. The bar is free all afternoon and its a set course of roast beef dinner (delectably pink) and chocoloate brownie (delectably gooey) my cousin who i rarely see gets quite drunk and shouts into my ear that i should upload a picture of my MOTHER and tag it MILF. I laugh uneasily and actually question my cousins mental state over his frequent trips to the free bar, now i know why i dont really speak to him as much as i should!!

Lazy miles and a lazy blog post to be honest ive got a meeting now to discuss the planning of a festival in Hertfordshire. Its a shame really because now I can never watch American Pie again wothout feeling a bit sicky, i used to love stifflers mum.

anyway I did 5km this morning- im still chasing the elusive 25 minute 5km and i will be happy.



Janathon Day 12 : Exploding pheasants and Donald Pleasance

The biggest day in Cantina Carnitas history today as we hit the road to look at our first catering trailer. A five hour road trip to Wiltshire on a wet January day doesn’t sound like fun, but as Jeff Cantina and I saddled up the horses we knew in our hearts it was a trip that was going to signal the start of a new chapter of adventure for the Cantina Carnitas crew.

The trailer was sweet, in fact the seller was originally from the Cambridgeshire area and we knew a lot of people between us- in fact she used to work in Streetwise records in Cambridge around the same time i owned a record shop in Hitchin- we probably indirectly spoke to each other about records over the phone years ago! and now were buying a trailer off her. wicked. I will upload photos as soon as I can.

As a result of the road trip i managed to get 5km in yesterday morning. It was one degree and the snow is definitely coming this week. was a bit junk miley but nice to just canter along, the interval training yesterday has stiffened me a little bit!

On the way back i hit a pheasant whilst doing 90mph in the fast lane. The first ever creature I have ever hit in 18 years of driving. It exploded on my bumper and  if i had to be honest made the most amazing sound, a bit like hitting a six of the middle of the bat or the metallic echo of marmalising a golf ball. its certainly not something i will be chasing to recreate again….any way next time i will be on the motorway i will be doing 50mph pulling a trailer that the whole world will see!

Donald Pleasance played Himmler in the classic film ‘the eagle has landed’  ditto for Cantina Carnitas: were on the map but mobile.


Janathon day 11: Pulled Pork Torta and intervals

This morning i thought i would mix it up a bit and do a spot of interval training. Now I’m the master of Junk miles some days, no let me rephrase that reflective miles! Three children at home and a micro global burrito empire on top of a full time job see can sometimes get a bit too much, so yes I concur that any mile is a good mile gives you solitude and time for thought.

So if found this article on interval training


Bottom line is that short bursts of top capacity exercise can ramp up fitness. This is me right here. i marked out a 50 metre dash and did 20 sprints as fast as I could (13 stone in motion is like freight train, bit hard to stop very quickly!)  followed by a slow jog back to the start point. This was followed with a nice lazy 2km jog to loosen up.

The result. Very sweaty and endorphintastical little session

oh, and the pulled pork tortas are for tea tonight with lashings of barbecue sauce!


Janathon Day 10: Dreaming of chilli cheese dogs

5km this morning with a very tired dog on a lead. Its still too dark to run confidently with Indiana bones unleashed (sounds like an action adventure directed by Tarantino.) 5km is roughly about the equivalent of the chilli that goes across the top of a hot dog let alone the cheese on this amazing guilty pleasure, so i better keep dreaming. If i can get to the 25 min 5km mark by the end of Jan theres one with my name on it!!!

Janathon Day 9: swim and sauna before 7.30am WIN

Now i can’t provide proof other than wet trunks and sleepy eyes (the pool attendant wouldnt let me take pictures obviously) but this morning I swam 15 lengths of Hitchin indoor pool followed by a stint on the Sauna and Jacuzzi.

This is not condusive to an active morning as all i needed to do to top it off was have a cooked breakfast and I would have been back in bed by 8am!!

Running beats swimming any day of the week!!

see you in the morning people !

Janathon Day 8: Chicken tinga naked burrito at 7am

To make up for the pitiful 7th day output (4km and hunger pains in 28 mins) i got up at 6am and had a hearty breakfast of 2 weetabix, one chopped banana with skimmed milk and a cup of black tea. My mindset was focused on a swift 5km – how long before i can hit the 23 minute mark (my goal before the end of Janathon). I need to ditch taking the dog if im to do this, so a cheeky little warm up in the field opposite with the dog (with poo bag) and then dropping her back in the garden gave me the freedom of the open pavement. A fairly static route and the power of a new mixtape one of my DJ friends had sent me saw a healthy time of 5km in 28:15- still 5minutes of what i need but goddam we’ve still got over 3 weeks of this badboy to rock.


Chicken Tinga is slow cooked chicken breast in chipotle peppers and apple cider vinegar, chicken stock, garlic and slow cooked for 4 hours giving it a rich & smoky flavour and the acidic kick of the cider vinegar is tingatastic!

see you tomorrow Janathon crew.

Janathon Day 7 : Back to work

By the time I got home last night there was a one hour window before Mrs Cantina went to yoga. I grabbed Indiana bones and hit the pavement for a cheeky albeit slow (Indiana is 10 years old!) 28 minute 4km dash. nothing to crazy to report but by the time i put the mini Cantinas to bed and had dinner it was 9.40pm