Let’s Roll! Burrito Tuesdays at Bar Ab, Hitchin starting January 14th 2014

Join us every Tuesday for Baby Burrito soft play in the morning 9-12  followed by Burrito Tuesdays from Midday. The full burrito menu served from a pop up Mexican cafe inside Bar Ab, sun Street Hitchin.

follow @cantinacarnitas on Twitter and watch out for #burritonews where secret codewords will unlock secrect menu options and lunchtime deals.







Janathon Day 12 : Exploding pheasants and Donald Pleasance

The biggest day in Cantina Carnitas history today as we hit the road to look at our first catering trailer. A five hour road trip to Wiltshire on a wet January day doesn’t sound like fun, but as Jeff Cantina and I saddled up the horses we knew in our hearts it was a trip that was going to signal the start of a new chapter of adventure for the Cantina Carnitas crew.

The trailer was sweet, in fact the seller was originally from the Cambridgeshire area and we knew a lot of people between us- in fact she used to work in Streetwise records in Cambridge around the same time i owned a record shop in Hitchin- we probably indirectly spoke to each other about records over the phone years ago! and now were buying a trailer off her. wicked. I will upload photos as soon as I can.

As a result of the road trip i managed to get 5km in yesterday morning. It was one degree and the snow is definitely coming this week. was a bit junk miley but nice to just canter along, the interval training yesterday has stiffened me a little bit!

On the way back i hit a pheasant whilst doing 90mph in the fast lane. The first ever creature I have ever hit in 18 years of driving. It exploded on my bumper and  if i had to be honest made the most amazing sound, a bit like hitting a six of the middle of the bat or the metallic echo of marmalising a golf ball. its certainly not something i will be chasing to recreate again….any way next time i will be on the motorway i will be doing 50mph pulling a trailer that the whole world will see!

Donald Pleasance played Himmler in the classic film ‘the eagle has landed’  ditto for Cantina Carnitas: were on the map but mobile.


Janathon the 5th day: Pork & chorizo burrito


My Janathon challenge will see burn the equivalent of the menu i serve up as Cantina Carnitas:The canteen of little meats all the way through January.

Cantina is a Mexican street food company which specialises in guerrilla foodfare- we can pop up anywhere and exterminate hunger on any terrain and in any condition!!

I’m conscious we are on day 5 but it was my birthday on Jan 3rd ( i ran 9 miles Jan 2nd) and I only heard about this project yesterday when my boss @hzlodge rang me yesterday to wish me happy birthday!

This morning I burnt off a lip smacking pork & chorizo twelve inch burrito with rice, beans guacamole,salsa, sour cream, cheese and scotch bonnet sauce! in fact it may as may as well have had extra cheese as the run came in at 1077 kcal.

you can check out photos and other shennanigans at:

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